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Congratulations! You’re engaged to be married! Hopefully, you have called your family and your best friend. Now what?

Once you have some of the big things sketched out, its time to focus on the details! Hopefully, you have discussed the budget with your fiancé and family, narrowed down the time frame and chosen a venue. Now you get to design the ceremony of your dreams!

I remember where I was the first time, I heard of this new mystery illness being reported in China. At that time, I thought the epidemic was tragic but would have as much effect on my life as Ebola. A few weeks later, our governor shut down all the restaurants and event venues in the state and in an instant, everything changed! That was two years ago, and it has been an emotional rollercoaster. Our hearts have been broken again and again by the losses to this deadly virus and strengthened by witnessing the generosity of people in a crisis. And with so many people sick and unemployed, we don’t want to whine about the disappointment of postponing long planned weddings and parties but we’re only human!