The Ceremony

Once you have some of the big things sketched out, its time to focus on the details! Hopefully, you have discussed the budget with your fiancé and family, narrowed down the time frame and chosen a venue. Now you get to design the ceremony of your dreams!

There are so many things to think about when it comes to the ceremony, we will get you started with a few:

Where? If you belong to a church, temple or synagogue this might be an easy one for you. Church weddings are beautiful, and many people have dreamed of walking down the aisle at their family church since they were little children, but less traditional weddings are gaining traction. From beaches to boats to courthouses to hot air balloons… you are only limited by your imagination. And your guest list.

When considering less traditional ceremony sites, please think about who is going to be there. Do any of your guests have mobility issues that need to be considered? Not every wedding venue has elevator access like we do, and an untimely fall could really put a damper on the festivities! Are all of your guests going to be comfortable outside or walking on the beach? If not, you may want to choose a different venue. At The Lewes Room, our upstairs deck overlooks the Lewes Harbor and feels almost like being outside- but with a roof! Conversely, you may want to suggest that some folks only come to the reception.

As easy as it is to imagine your wedding day at a lovely 72 degrees and sunny, it is also important to think about what will happen in less perfect weather. Here at The Lewes Room at Irish Eyes, we believe in always being prepared so we offer inexpensive “rain insurance.” For just a minimal fee, we will have the room ready an hour early and provide a space for you to get married, in the event that weather tries to upset your plans. If your venue does not offer something like that, you should definitely make your own rain plan.

When? Most weddings are planned for Saturday, but honestly there is no rule that says you have to get married on a weekend. Especially if you and your friends work less traditional schedules, Sunday afternoon or even a Tuesday might work better for you. Bonus: many venues and vendors offer weekday discounts. That means more to spend on your honeymoon!

Who? We know who is getting married and have an idea of who is going to be there, but who will do the honors of joining you and your beloved in holy matrimony? Again, if you belong to a church, this part is easy. If not, you may want to do a little research. Sites like and Here Come the Guide can provide you with a list of officiants to consider and also reviews to help you choose. Your venue is also a great source of information. They see weddings all the time and no doubt have their favorites.

How? Think about the kind of ceremony you want before you start calling around. Whatever your religion or lack thereof, whatever your personalities, you deserve the perfect ceremony. Marriage is a sacred commitment, and many folks want their ceremony to reflect that. Others would feel more comfortable with some humor and still others are completely irreverent. The important thing is that your wedding reflects who you are and the commitment you are making to one another.

That was a lot of ground to cover! The ceremony, after all, is the most important part of the entire event! Next time we will talk about the challenges of getting married in a global pandemic!