Getting Hitched in a Panny

I remember where I was the first time, I heard of this new mystery illness being reported in China. At that time, I thought the epidemic was tragic but would have as much effect on my life as Ebola. A few weeks later, our governor shut down all the restaurants and event venues in the state and in an instant, everything changed! That was two years ago, and it has been an emotional rollercoaster. Our hearts have been broken again and again by the losses to this deadly virus and strengthened by witnessing the generosity of people in a crisis. And with so many people sick and unemployed, we don’t want to whine about the disappointment of postponing long planned weddings and parties but we’re only human!

Maybe you have had to postpone once or twice or maybe you haven’t even started planning because of the uncertainty. I am here to tell you that it is ok. You can have the wedding of your dreams despite the pandemic.

With cases going down, some folks are feeling confident enough to go forward with their big weddings and we are here for it! Love waits for no virus! But not everyone is throwing caution to the wind just yet, and we want to keep them safe and comfortable too. In The Lewes Room at Irish Eyes, we are finding that at most parties there are a few people who are more concerned than others. We like to, whenever possible, provide some socially distant seating for those folks. One possibility is to add a back row at the ceremony that is more than 6 feet from the rest of the guests. Others may like some tables on the deck for eating away from the crowd. It may be a little unorthodox but if it helps your loved ones enjoy your special day, then it is well worth the extra effort!

The struggle to find wedding favors that are fun and useful has been the topic of articles, conversations and blog posts long before now. Finally, a problem that was solved by the Covid crisis! Personalized hand sanitizer bottles and disposable masks matching your wedding theme are personal and sure to be used! Even with the mandates lifted, we all know that we better have a mask in our pocket for doctor visits, and wherever else you see that familiar sign!

What if your family is just not ready to take the risk? Maybe you can’t imagine getting married without your grandparents and they can’t imagine being in a room with 150 people. Some folks are deciding that the wedding of their dreams doesn’t have to have a huge guest list to have a huge impact. An intimate ceremony with only closest friends and relatives may be the answer to your dilemma. In The Lewes Room at Irish Eyes, we offer elopement and micro wedding packages for every party size. We treat every wedding, regardless of guest count, with the reverence it deserves. And if you want to sneak off, just the two of you, for a ceremony and romantic dinner on our deck, we will even be your witnesses!

If you think a micro wedding may be for you, look around your area. Many venues are offering them on Sundays and weekdays. Or consider a destination elopement! You could combine the wedding and honeymoon into one fun package! Just make sure to check the travel restrictions and vaccine requirements for your destination.

Finally, modern technology is changing the wedding business in ways we could not foresee. Possibly the most fun, is that now people who cannot come to your wedding in person are still able to enjoy the festivities and bear witness to your commitment through the magic of Facebook Live, Zoom and other apps. It’s not the same as attending in person, but it just might be the next best thing.

Our takeaway from the last two years is this: love will find a way! For every problem that the pandemic has thrown at our wedding couples, they have found a solution. Use your imagination, reach out to people who have recently gotten married and please, express your concerns with your venue and vendors. They probably have valuable insight and ideas from their own experiences. And for heaven’s sake, don’t forget: This is supposed to be fun!